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Digital Strategies

Digital is fundamentally disrupting every sector. The world’s largest media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s largest hotel provider, Airbnb, owns no property. This fourth wave of technology is moving at an exponential rate and no business model is safe. Technologies like AI, robotics, machine learning, drones, cloud computing, and advanced analytics thrive in the collaborative commons. Digital is more than a set of technologies you buy. It is the abilities those technologies create.

The team at Digital Strategies will work with you to examine how your organization can apply new technologies to existing business activity and to deliver a comprehensive strategy for how these technologies can transform and enable new, digital business models across your portfolio. We have helped companies create over $100m in new value, and we are committed to bringing your organization into the digital age.

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Accelerate Startups

Starting a business is hard enough. Let us pick up the missing technology piece for you. Our team of experts has spent the last decade analysing and implementing a broad spectrum of emerging technologies. Products we have developed have won Best of Innovations at CES and sold on shelves at Apple stores. We know start-ups and we know large corporations. Let us help you bridge the gap and cross the chasm.

The team at Digital Strategies is consulting funded and challenged focused. That means we don’t need start-ups to pay the bills. We do, however, need them to be working on something meaningful to society. If you are interested in collaborating with us on your next great idea, contact us below.

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Emerging Technologies

Drones, robotics, machine learning, AI, biotech, cloud, and vertical farming. Are these buzz-words or can they actually deliver value to your organization? The team at Digital Strategies has spent the last decade analyzing and implementing over 200 Emerging Technologies for companies of all sizes. Our process has been proven in multinational corporations in the Fortune 50, as well as seed-stage startups targeting growth.

The team at Digital Strategies will work with you to develop a comprehensive awareness of emerging technologies that are relevant to your organization, and then implement those that are certain to demonstrate value in the agreed time horizon. We have helped companies create over $100m in new value through the implementation of emerging technologies and digital strategies, and we are excited to help make your initiative a success. 

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